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Hello and Howdy! It’s LC here with a lesson in journalism. I took journalism back in high school and the first couple of things our teacher taught us were: it’s ‘sophomore’ not ‘sophmore.’ And, it’s ‘athletics’ not athaletics.’ I guess that was important because the paper and yearbook covered a great deal on those subjects.

Another thing that is always covered in an intro to journalism course is who, what, where, when, why and how. I’m going to cover those points as they relate to Limo Command.

Who: We are Limo Command. A company that will provide comprehensive and customizable office assistance for your ground transportation company.

What: We offer basic answering services up to taking full reservations and dispatching drivers for those rides. We can also take payments and monitor your emails for you. Just ask, we can provide!

Where: While we are based in Oklahoma City, OK, we service companies all over the United States…from New England to California and western Canada. Where are you? We can help.

When: Right now! We’re ready with 24/7/365 coverage for any of your communication needs to keep your transportation business alive and well and free you up to spend more time adding customers.

Why: Take the stress off having your phones covered 24/7. We can cover them for you whenever you need. We’ve had great success covering businesses overnight as well as 24 hours per day.

How: Call us today and we’ll go over all the details. 405-445-1222 is our number and we’re waiting to hear from you.

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