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Limo Command

Limo Command was launched in 2016 by long-time operators Joey Allen and Greg Pruitt of Kings Limousine in Oklahoma City, OK. Fulfilling the need to provide authentic reservations and dispatch services that mirrored the services provided by their clients,
Limo Command instituted the most robust training program in the industry, with four full weeks of intense training for all new staff members.

In 2020, Limo Command partnered with LMC Ops,
an operations and technology solutions company serving the chauffeured car industry, to re-launch
Limo Command 2.0 in the wake of a global pandemic that has threatened every corner of the hospitality, tourism, and travel industries.

No matter what today brings, we know that our best days are ahead for us, as they are for our valued clients. We are here with you, now more than ever:
stronger together.

Our Process


Understand the needs of our clients.


Convey the specific needs to our support team.


Launch our service and support coverage plan.


Never stop trying to improve our services.

Keyboard and Mouse

We know that you are only as good as the ride or service you just provided. Because you trust us with your business, we hold ourselves to the same standard. If you experience any issues whatsoever as a result of the services we provide to your clients on your behalf, we will make it right to your and your clients' satisfaction.

You are only as good as your last service, and we are only
as good as our word.

Our Quality Guarantee

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