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How to Build Customer Loyalty

Having worked with #chauffeuredcar providers for many years, it is obvious to me that their dedication to #customerservice has been a key factor in #customerloyalty. Customers can find transportation in many different forms, but luxury, professional chauffeured car service is really the pinnacle. Hanging on to current clients is more cost effective than finding new clients, and it's just better business. Here are some things that I notice companies with high customer loyalty doing.

Paying Attention

Their customer profiles are thorough and detailed, so each repeat customer receives personalized attention and service. They don't rush interactions with their customers. They listen to feedback and make changes as necessary.

Using Social Media

Facebook and other social media platforms can go a long way in building customer loyalty. Companies can introduce their team members, provide valuable information, and make followers feel like they are part of a community. If you don't have time to manage your own social media, I recommend our partner LMC Spotlight--they do a great job providing social media for many different livery companies.

Resolving Issues

Most customers will forgive an error--if it is followed by an apology and an attempt to make it right. Companies with high customer loyalty make it simple for clients to report issues, and they have processes in place to handle problems quickly.

Going Above and Beyond

A well-timed thank you note or condolence letter. A favorite newspaper waiting in the vehicle. An owner who knows and communicates with loyal clients. These are some of the seemingly small things that I've seen companies do--and believe me, when I talk their clients, I can tell they make a big difference.

As a business owner, you have so much to manage. Limo Command can help you with all of these customer loyalty practices: maintaining your customer profiles, assisting in service recovery, and going the extra mile for your clients. We love to help--just email us at for more information.

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