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Call Me on the Line, Call Me Any, Anytime

Updated: May 18, 2022

Hello again!

I've been thinking about phone calls lately--they're a big part of my job, so it's not THAT strange. Emails may be the main form of business communication, and we all love to text--but I don't think phone calls are going away any time soon. You just can't get the immediacy and dialogue with other forms of communication.

Business will continue to be conducted on the telephone, too. Rushing through the airport, your clients are more likely to call to make a special request or let you know they left their sunglasses in the backseat of the sedan. A personal phone call from you to a client is one of the best ways to apologize or say thank you. And any service that operates around the clock must have friendly, professional, and courteous phone representatives always available to help its customers.

There's no question that email marketing is useful and cost-effective. But most of us get over 100 emails each day. Sometimes the personal touch of a phone call is a more powerful way to get the sale. Studies have shown that phone outreach has a response rate of 8.1%, compared to just .03% for email.

To provide clients with the best service, business owners want customer calls to be answered right away. If they are sent to voicemail, and even worse, don't get a call back, 85% of them won't call back. That's probably a lost customer, and right now, more than ever, none of us wants to lose a customer.

That's where I come in! If you can't be sure that you have the phone coverage you need to give your clients the best service, let Limo Command help. We're here 24/7, just waiting by the phone. Call us at 405-445-1222 and we'll show you what we can do.

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