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Just Press Play

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hey guys! It's me, LC! We just launched our new website, and our fancy new weblog, or "blog" as it's been referred to since 30 seconds after it was originally named weblog in 1997. Were you even alive then? You had me fooled.

I wanted to say hi, and to also thank you for taking a moment to stop by our site and check out our first blog entry. It was four years in the making, as we launched in 2016, but we like to take our time and do things right.

Gosh, I hope this was worth the wait!

We gave ourselves a new logo refresh with the updated website. Did you see that? What do you think? It's very similar to our original logo, but just a bit cleaner. We're keeping it high and tight. That's what we do.

Speaking of our logo, and apparently the subject of this maiden blog voyage, it probably hasn't escaped you that our logo is basically a "play" button. When we first started Limo Command in 2016, we wanted an image that conveyed how easy it was to work with us - it's as simple as pressing play!

That's been our goal from the beginning - providing seamless dispatch, reservations, call answering, virtual assistant, and billing and collections services. At the end of the day when you're ready to turn your phones over to us, just press play! We've got the rest. If you want us to handle your calls 24/7, no problem, just press play!

The origin of the play button symbol actually goes back to the 1960s when audiovisual tech was still reel to reel. The play button symbol we all instantly recognize now was originally intended as an arrow to point the direction in which to place the reel to play it. The rest is history!

Like your reel-to-reel film, once loaded, we can spin through your volumes of work and services, moving forward without your having to give it another thought. Our loading process may be a bit longer, as we have to do a good bit of due diligence to get to know you, your standards, your clients, your systems, and your specifications. Once we do, however, just press play, and we are ready to GO!

Where's the popcorn, amiright? But seriously, we'd love the opportunity to show you why we do what we do, and why we love doing it so much. So give us a call at 405-455-1222, send us an email at, or just press play!

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